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Group Fitness

Group Fitness Program

Excel Gymnastics is proud to provide you with our new Group Fitness Program. Group fitness provides a fun and friendly environment that encourages everyone to give 100%! All exercises can be modified for any fitness level and are designed to build strength, endurance, agility and flexibility.

This class consists of an agility style warm-up stretch, cardio and agility training, stability work, weight training, body weight exercises, plyometric jumps, suspension strap training, battle ropes and trampoline as well as a Yoga style cool-down stretch.

Pricing and Discounts

Session 1: August 14th - Sept 9th
Session 2: September 11th - October 7th
$60 per session for one class per week

Drop in rate: $15 per class (must call in ahead of time to verify availability).

Sign up for both sessions $10 off.
Sign up for 2 classes a week per session $10 off.
Sign up for 3 classes a week per session $20 off.
Sign up for 4 classes a week per session $30 off.

Deposit $30 deposit is due at the time of registration with the full tuition paid by the 1st day of class.
Youth Co-Ed Fitness Classes with Coach Dayna
The youth class (ages 7-15) consists of a 10 minute agility style warm up, 30 minute conditioning circuit and a 10 minute cool down obstacle course and stretch. The youth class is focused mostly on agility and will include body weight and light weight competitive style strength conditioning to keep it fun.
Fall Schedule:
- Monday 7:00 pm
- Wednesday 7:30 pm
- Friday 4:00 pm
- Saturday 8:00 am
Adult Co-Ed Group Fitness Classes with Coach Dayna
The Adult Co-Ed class (ages 16+) consists of a 10-minute agility style warm up, a 30-minute conditioning circuit and a 10-minute cool down and stretch. Weights are incorporated to increase lean muscle gains while burning the maximum amount of calories in the least amount of time. Class is ran on a spring floor, lessening the impact on the body while exercising.
Fall Schedule:
- Tuesday 5:30 am
- Tuesday 7:30 pm
- Wednesday 11:00 am
- Thursday 5:30 am
- Thursday 7:30 pm
- Friday 11:00 am
Personal Training Classes with Coach Dayna
If group exercise is not for you, but you are looking to improve yourself, then come in for a personal training lesson! 30 - 60 minute lessons for fitness, nutritional balancing and positive mindset training!
Availability in the morning, afternoon and late evenings! Call in to schedule a personal training lesson with Coach Dayna!
$30 for 30 minute Private Lesson
$50 for 60 minute Private Lesson
$20 per person for 30 minute Semi-Private Lesson
$40 per person for 60 minute Semi-Private Lesson
Coach Dayna
Coach Dayna comes to us as a high-energy, well-rounded Certified Fitness Trainer. Her experience in fitness began at the young age of 3 when she entered the Gymnastics Gym. The many years she trained as a youth athlete contributes to a wide depth of knowledge in conditioning and nourishing the body for optimal athletic performance. Her training expertise comes from 10 years of coaching gymnastics, running group HIIT classes and personal training sessions. She obtained her certificate as a Certified Fitness Trainer through International Sports and Sciences Association and is a Nutritional Consultant through Isagenix International. This Summer Excel is offering an opportunity to take your health to the next level! Coach Dayna's upbeat personality and enthusiasm for fitness and nutrition is absolutely contagious! Get motivated, stay accountable and have a blast in our new Group Fitness Classes lead by Coach Dayna!
Coach Dayna

Coach Dayna