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Team Program Details

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Annual Family Membership Fee
The $25 per child fee is due upon initial registration and on your anniversary date, thereafter.

2024-2025 Season
The EGA Team program is by invitation only. Tryouts are in May.  Each gymnast must tryout for a week and be invited to the Team program. At tryouts we will evaluate their skill level, willingness to participate, take corrections, learn and their overall sportsmanship in the gym. The majority of our Team kids come through our EGA Recreational Team program. We do take competitive gymnasts from other teams if we have room. The tryout process is the same. The Team program begins June 1st and is a year long commitment.

The gymnast will be in the developmental team program for a minimum of 2 years.
Also known as a “Rec-Team”, the developmental team program is a 2-year program for gymnasts between the ages of 6 and 10 who display the qualities to become a strong fit to our competitive team in the future. The Silver Rec team is built for gymnasts in Levels 1 and 2, and the Gold Rec Team is for Levels 3 and 4. These programs focus on learning and developing the required skills, strength, flexibility, commitment, and attitude necessary for a competitive gymnast. The team coaching staff will follow a predetermined plan that will challenge each gymnast, while making the whole learning experience exciting and fun.  It is extremely important for each gymnast to have the necessary skills, strength, and flexibility requirements, along with discipline, determination, and dedication, before advancing to any competitive level. Please recognize that regardless of current training level, not all gymnasts will be selected for the Excel Gymnastics Competitive Team Program.

Rec Team 1: The EGA Team program starts with Rec Team 1 for levels 1 and 2, ages 6-8. This program is a minimum of a 1 year program. For levels 1 and 2, ages 6-8. This group of gymnasts work on strength, form, technique and flexibility. In this group they will learn what it means to be a team gymnast where they listen, stand in line and ask for help when needed. We instill in them the sportsman like behavior that is required to be an EGA Team Gymnast. This group will have in house showcases 2 times per year to perform their skills in front of family members. They have the opportunity to attend team bonding events. This program is a minimum of a 1 year program. 

Rec Team 2: The next level in our EGA Team program for levels 3 and 4, ages 7-9. This group of gymnasts will take what they learned in Rec Team 1 and work on how to connect and perform routines properly. This group has 3 in house competitions per year to compete against their peers and in front of their family members. They have the opportunity to attend team bonding events. This program is a minimum of a 1 year program.

The next levels in the EGA Team Program are Xcel USAG traveling competitive teams. The levels we compete are Silver, Gold, and Platinum. After Platinum, our gymnasts may video petition to USAG DP Level 7 at age 12 if they harness the skills necessary for Level 7.  All these levels compete 6 regular season meets per year. If they qualify, they compete at State Championships and Regional Competitions. Team practices are split by age and level. The first group are our new kids invited up from the Rec Team 2 program. These gymnasts begin in the Silver level. If they harness the skill ability to perform well in our Gold division, they move up with Coaches approval. 

We allow High School gymnasts in our EGA Team Program. Once a gymnast reaches High School age, they practice in a separate group and must participate in their High School Gymnastics Program if offered. They practice with us during their off season and compete a few meets as an EGA Team Gymnast at the end of our season.

Vacations, Time Off, Make-Ups, and Inclement Weather
Our monthly tuition rates are based on four weeks per month. With there being 52 weeks in the year, there are roughly 4 weeks which you are not charged. These extra practices will be considered as the make-ups for any missed practices due to illness, vacations, holidays, etc. EGA will typically remain open during inclement weather even when public schools cancel. In the event EGA cancels, the practice will be rescheduled if possible. As always, if your family feels it is unsafe to travel, please use your discretion when choosing to attend the scheduled practice or not.

Movement through levels is NON-NEGOTIABLE
Competitive team gymnasts are individuals who have successfully mastered EGA Rec Team 1 and Rec Team 2 values and skills as well as successfully completed a week of EGA Team Tryouts. The team programs at Excel competes  XCEL USAG Levels Silver, Gold, and Platinum and higher USAG Developmental Program Levels: 7, 8, 9, 10.

●        USAG XCEL Program: These modified optional levels have been designed to give all gymnasts the opportunity to compete in optional competitions with a wide range of specified difficulty requirements per level. The coaches and gymnasts will work together to create routines on each event that will showcase the gymnast’s strengths and personality. The goal is to perform clean and consistent routines while continuing to practice higher level skills.

●       USAG Developmental Program: Level 7 is the entry level for the Developmental Program here at Excel, EGA only competes Optional levels, 7 through 10. Gymnasts who possess the ability to perform Level 7 skills, are at least age 12 and have successfully competed in Xcel Platinum achieving an All Around score of at least 36.00 must be video petitioned into Level 7 by Coach Dayna. These videos are then submitted to the USAG Committee, they are who determines if the gymnast may compete as a Level 7 gymnast or not. These levels are highly competitive and require extra hours and more intensive practices.

Advancing through the competitive team levels is a straightforward and predetermined process. Most levels are a minimum of 2 years long. During the off season, the coaching staff will move a gymnast to the next level when she meets all EGA competitive level requirements. We attempt to complete 2-3 evaluations per year. The gymnast should bring those evaluations home and go over them with you. Communication of moving to the next level will occur through email before the new competitive season begins in the fall.

Practice Hours 
Every gymnast is required to attend practice for a minimum amount of hours per week. The minimum ranges from 6 to 9 hours. This minimum increases as the gymnasts progress through the levels. The gymnast has the option of committing to more days of practice as long as the gymnast is performing well during the mandatory hours and keeping up their grades.

Gymnasts must come prepared to practice with a completely sealed water bottle that is not disposable. They should come prepared with gymnastics attire on, hair pulled back and all personal gymnastics equipment in their gym bag. They should have a sufficient amount of fuel prior to practice, meaning a nutritious meal. If there is no time for a nutritious meal, please do not bring them to a 2-3 hour practice without a healthy snack. Snacks can be kept in the fridge, we do have ants in the summer months so leaving them in a gym bag is not recommended.

Practice groups are based on the number of gymnasts, their skills and age. Practice groups may change throughout the year. Move ups to a new practice group can occur when the school schedule begins in August, when High School Gymnastics starts in November and again in June when the new season begins. When a gymnast moves to a new group or moves up a level, the parents will be contacted via email.

During practices, we will be doing a lot of physical therapy movements to keep the joints properly lubricated and moving well. Coach Lorena will be teaching Dance to all groups. We will have days where we focus on the technique and basics, other days we will work on new skills or connections for routines. Gymnasts may go on runs outside during the summer months. We try to go out of the box and provide Social and Emotional learning as well as cross-training in other sports and games that provide learning fun and team bonding.

Practice Hours may change during holiday breaks. An email will be sent out to families prior notifying of the change of practice times.