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Coronavirus Update

Update: Excel is closed until further notice. We will update everyone as soon as we are cleared to open!

Dear Loyal Excel Families,

This is Rob Brown, founder of Excel Gymnastics Academy. I hope this email finds you and your family in good health in these trying times. Everyone in the Excel family is doing well. First couple paragraphs are regarding our history and our promise to you, your children and the community.


The last few weeks has been dreamlike for all of us. I go back and forth between being very angry and scared, yet excited about getting our fantastic communities and country back to greatness. We have a real health threat amongst us and many small businesses like ours, will not survive to reopen.

I started Excel Gymnastics back in 1996 acting on several motivations. I always wanted to have my own business; I was struggling to get a career going in anything else. I loved coaching, so why not take a shot at the American dream. Excel was a classic start up. Eight to twelve-hour days, six to seven days a week. Made nothing in year one, made a little in year two, doubled that in year three and with many panic attacks later; the rest is history. I'm very grateful to be part of the Fox Valley area. This community has been exceptionally good to me. We are now coaching the children of kids that I started coaching. How cool is that? Does that make me a grandpa coach?

Today: Walking through my empty gym is chilling. The usual smiling, learning and bouncing kids are eerily missing. The silence here has made me realize that, the joy that happens here every day is so important. The gym is why our awesome staff and I love coaching.

Our Promise: This promise is to you, your children, our amazing staff and the Fox Valley communities --- Excel Gymnastics will weather this storm and come back strong. I believe and bought into the Old Testament wisdom as a very young man and have saved and lived below my means for years. We are here now making improvements, cleaning and getting ready for a Grand Reopening. I am doing everything possible to help keep the lights on and pay whatever we can to keep staff while servicing the rent, utilities, insurance, etc.

As of right now we are going to be closed through the rest of the end of April, as mandated. Everyone who has paid for our Spring session will be credited through May 2nd. The credit can be used towards future sessions, Open Gyms, Pro-Shop purchases, or an Excel Party. Once we receive word on when we can safely reopen our doors, we will notify everyone as to what our plan of action will be.

Thank you again for being part of the Excel family. We hope to keep you as a loyal customer through these trying times. Take care and stay healthy.

Rob Brown


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Due to the CORONA-19 Virus, Excel is closed until further notice.

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